Hot Sluts and Poutine Interview with Artists Layla Folkmann and Lacey Jane

Published on February 20, 2016





Hot Sluts and Poutine Interview

Hot Sluts and Poutine Interview with Layla Folkmann and Lacey Jane

Meet Layla Folkmann and Lacey Jane, the Montreal-based artists from the website

Hot Sluts and Poutine Interview Highlights:

Mr ShoBiz: All right everybody here we are in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  I am here with two fantastic young ladies.  The website is

Lacey Jane: You got it!

Mr ShoBiz: Lacey, introduce yourself.

Lacey Jane: Hi everyone, I’m Lacey Jane. I’m an artist, originally from Edmonton, but we live here in Montreal and have created this weird and artistic brainchild that is Hot Sluts and Poutine.

Mr Shobiz: Layla.

Layla Folkmann: Hi, I’m Layla Folkmann.  I’m Fifty Percent of the duo Hot Sluts and Poutine.  I also originate from Edmonton, but we moved here together to sort of create our artist brainchild.

Mr ShoBiz: Lacey, tell us what you guys do, it’s really cool, people should check it out.  This is what you guys do, I’ll duck down. This is your piece, Lacey.

Lacey Jane: Yeah, this is one of mine.

Mr ShoBiz: Tell us what we have here, and this again is a PG 13 version for you guys.

Lacey Jane: Yeah this is a pretty safe painting for as far as they can go.  This is Called “Cindy Wright, Ain’t That Bright”.  I like to make large scale narrative paintings, very cinematic in nature.  Always humour, and always sexual.  Always lots of fun things going on.  So as you can see, we have we our lovely Cindy Wright, with her Forty, and her baby, and all of the assorted elements of her trailer life.  So it’s sort of a fun a mix of adventure, fantasy, reality and playfulness.

Mr ShoBiz: Is she real?

Lacey Jane: No she’s a figment of my imagination.  And Frankenstein, from bits and of pieces of other people.


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